Dari was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1957 and relocated to Toronto, Canada in March 2008 after being issued a work permit based on special artistic talent. Dari subsequently received the prestigious 0-1 visa to work in the USA and moved to Florida in 2009. She was naturalized as an American citizen in November 2014. Having been born and raised in apartheid South Africa, Dari was made very aware of injustices and human rights abuse at a young age. She supports non-violent change and equal rights for all. The proceeds of all her civil rights work is channeled into education and scholarships, in an attempt to uplift the lives of young people who will make a difference in the future. Presently, the Martin Luther King Committee of Coral Springs will receive the scholarship funds.

Dari has taken art instruction under Prof Lukas Van Vuuren, Eric Laubscher, Prof Jacob Pichhadze and Carel Van Biljon. Her art works are to be found in private and corporate collections both locally and internationally (United States, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Canada and Poland). Her commissions include works for various Members of Parliament in Africa and international corporations.

She has exhibited regularly internationally except for a 3 year hiatus after the death of her husband. She has had the honor of being invited to represent South Africa at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Italy in 2005, the USA at Art En Capital in Paris, France in November 2014 and many other international exhibitions. . She was awarded an arts residency at the famous Rodriguez-Amat Art Foundation in Spain and spent May/June 2007 working at the Foundation.

Amongst her civil rights work, Dari's "WOMAN EVOLVE" series of bronze sculptures are well known gender equality works and her statement against women and girl abuse. She is the artist of the 13,600lb granite Martin Luther King monument, which will be installed outside the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs, Florida in December 2015 and unveiled on January 15th, 2016.  This will be the first MLK monument in Broward County.

Dari has been interviewed on radio and television. The press and various prestigious magazines have showcased both her art and civil rights work. 

Inspirations – Artist’s statement

I am many things to many people: mother, wife, sister, friend, confidant, neighbour, human rights defender. I react and behave differently in these different roles, so why should this not be reflected in my art?

The issues of civil rights, gender equality, non-violence, child abuse and slave trafficking are always uppermost in my mind. The survivors of and activists against these atrocities are my greatest inspiration. They inspire me to do my bit to improve the world one day at a time.

One of my inspirations in mind-set and spirit, Man Ray, is best known for his photographs; however he was also a brilliant sculptor and wonderful painter. Attending one of his exhibitions one would not feel unjustified in thinking that the work on show was that of a large group of artists. Versatility deluxe! I learnt from him that experimenting with new materials and different techniques broadens the mind and also I realized that adhering to narrow, man-made parameters is very limiting

Artistically speaking, the sculptors Rodin and of course Michelangelo have been major mentors. The paintings of the Expressionists Kirchner, Kandinsky, Heckel, Nolde and Schmidt-Rotluff hold a special fascination, for I find in them courage, passion and playfulness. Max Pechstein’s paintings exude confidence, freedom and a well-developed sense of humour. The Modernists such as Pop Artist Larry Rivers have my admiration for their thought process behind their eclectic art. I wonder at the perfect realism of the work of Duane Hanson, the American sculptor. Edward Hopper's depictions of everyday life, his sunlight and artificial illumination leave me spellbound. I strive towards Fischl's daring subject matter. Turner's turbulent seascapes teach me to notice weather and atmosphere. The serenity and accuracy of Constable's landscapes and townscapes show me the importance of proper drawing.  These artists have helped me to create the way I do, having contributed towards my education, art and love of life. They have allowed me to see the natural beauty of the world around me in full color.
I need to paint and sculpt. There is enough sadness and negativity on this earth. With my works I hope to bring a thought, compassion, a smile, some happiness and positive energy into the lives and homes of people and since life offers infinite possibilities for creative transformation, I will continue on my voyage of discovery.

And I am continually learning