Roger was a witty man
Was wise and kind and dutiful
His heart was strong emotionally
His countenance was beautiful


He radiated vibrancy
His zest for life unmatchable
His quest for knowledge knew no bounds
His irreverence incredible
My husband was a noisy guy
Whose energy was bountiful
He loved to climb and hike and fish
And drink and eat things edible

He died one day quite suddenly
My grief was inconsolable
The wind beneath my wings died too
My sorrow was untenable
A big black hole engulfed the place
Where laughter was unstoppable
Our house was filled with wreaths that stunk
Of death and things improbable
For far too long I hovered round
That place which is unsayable
And triple seven is for me
A number now indelible.
In memory of Roger,  who died 7th July 2007