We are in the desert with our pockets full of seeds

A seed of hope, a seed of strength to fill communities needs

A seed of trust, a seed to dream, a seed of education

Together if we plant just one, we'll have a whole new nation.



The desert sands are fertile when we water them with love

Bondage breaks and chains are gone, birds singing up above.

You'll hear the children asking, take me, take me to this place

Where I am safe and wanted and accepted with embrace.


Desert becomes an oasis, peace and harmony abound

When speech is free and rights upheld, the difference is profound.

You'll see the women smiling, standing equally ahead

Their families cared for, homed - and never short of bread.


The foliage is beautiful, the music is sublime

Equality sings every song and justice makes it rhyme

Humility is regal, it is greed that poisons minds

The greedy do not sow a seed, for they are simply blind


When people feel they don't belong, they need identity

So gangs are formed and guns and knives become the entity.

There is only one way out of this, the kids must stay in school,

It will take a generation till this gang thing is not cool.


Our children need examples now for future generations

Celebrities and sportsmen are just highly paid sensations.

The heroes are the ones that plant and cultivate for all

Who do not quit when times get tough, who persevere through walls.


We can be the change we seek, the desert sands are fertile

The seeds of liberty are ours, it's time to reconcile.

Yes, there are thorns and thickets, where one can be lost or stuck

Just find your seeds and cherish them, and plant one just for luck.


Yes, you're here too, your pockets’ full - and if you turn away

We'll all be that much poorer for you had just nought to say.

It takes some work, though work is good, it keeps the soul alive.

And you'll rest better when you die, knowing that you've tried.


Let's not lose the wisdom and the teachings of the desert

Let's protect society with deeds and words that says it.

Let the Rainbow men we love, not have died in vain

Let's continue advocating need for peaceful change.


Here we have dry ice which is the synonym of silence

And this is the hot water which brings change without the violence.

Swirls of vapor overflowing, the urgent need for unity

For there are some hell bent upon destroying our community


A change in economic inequality will heal

The wound that's come between us, this situation's real.

So venture forth and do your bit, your profit will be freedom

There is no price tag to this deal, it's more than just a sum.


For we are in the desert with our pockets full of seeds

A seed of cure, a seed of fairness leading to good deeds

A seed of choice, a seed of life, a seed of inspiration

Together if we plant just one, we'll have a whole new nation.